Here are some of our client’s testimonials :

“We have used the services of Astele on a number of our projects to great success. As Conservation Engineers specializing in the Conservation of Historic Masonry, it is critical that our drawings accurately reflect the joint pattern of the masonry units. This proved to be a difficult and time consuming task, until Astele presented us with their technology. Using rectified photography they are able to provide our office with base elevations showing 90% of the masonry joints, as well as other features difficult to otherwise reproduce. There are always a few areas which have to be filled in manually, due to limited access to photograph the specific elevations.
Since Astele came to us, we have used them to prepare most of our building base elevations to great success. We have found that they are professional in the manner in which they carry out their work, and are always prepared to meet our sometimes difficult schedules.”

John Cooke - President John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd., Consulting Engineers

“The team at Astele have become a very reliable service for our company. We always receive prompt attention, professional service and reliable quotes that we pass on to our clients.
Working with Astele is always a good experience.”

Friedemann Weinhardt - President Design First Interiors

“As Conservation Architects, we know that producing accurate existing condition drawings for heritage buildings can be a challenging task. However, their role is absolutely critical, as these drawings serve as a base for design and working drawings moving forward on a project and for high-level projects they form posterity documents also. The challenge we presented to Astele was to prepare a range of drawings that reflected material detailing including: detailed plaster and marble work, detailed floor plans and interior elevations with material joint lines, in addition to augmenting drawings produced by others to reflect a higher level of detail. On all counts Astele completed tasks on time and in a professional manner. Our experience was nothing but positive and we look forward to collaborating with Astele again.”

Mark T. Brandt - President Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates

“Whether it’s hand recording of millwork details, floor measuring, or producing elevations from as-found data, we have always been very satisfied with Astele’s work. Using their drawings is a pleasure as they are very precise and accurate. A good set of as-measured drawings is very important when you’re starting a renovation or expansion project as you can avoid errors later on. This is why we trust Astele in providing such drawings.”

Robert Woodman - President Woodman Architect & Associates Ltd.