GCC - Photo

Built between 1909 and 1912, this Beaux-Arts building was originally Ottawa’s Union Railway Station. Many political and civil gatherings are now held in this building classified for its heritage value.

To assure the building’s structural stability and avoid deterioration, a heritage conservation plan was commissioned by Public Works and Government Services Canada, the building’s owner. Our involvement was to provide several documents showing the existing conditions.

Classified Federal Heritage Building

  • GCC1

    North-West (Rideau Street) elevation

  • GCC2

    North-West (Rideau Street) elevation - orthophotos overlay

  • GCC3

    South-West (Rideau Canal) elevation

  • GCC4

    South-West (Rideau Canal) elevation - orthophotos overlay

  • GCC5

    North-East elevation

  • GCC6

    North-East elevation - orthophotos overlay

  • GCC7

    South-East elevations

  • GCC8

    Miscellaneous elevations

  • GCC9

    Miscellaneous elevations

  • GCC10

    Miscellaneous elevations

  • GCC11

    Miscellaneous elevations

  • GCC12

    Main Hall ceiling orthophotographs