The surveying and the preparation of measured drawings is not only required by conservation or construction type projects. That being said, we also offer additional services including the preparation of drawings and/or plans for purposes such as real estate management, marketing or building life safety.


  • Plans of commercial/residential buildings for real estate management purposes
  • Preparation or update of plans for business permit
  • Plans of commercial/residential units for marketing purpose
  • Plans, graphics and schedules for inventory purpose
  • Space planning
  • Preparation of fire evacuation plans
  • Conversion of hard copy drawings to vector drawings (CAD)

Application examples

  • complement03

    Rentable commerical unit

  • complement04

    Rentable residential unit

  • complement01

    Evacuation plans

  • complement05

    Parking layouts

  • complement02

    Paper to CAD conversion

  • complement05

    Colored legend plans

  • complement06

    Space planning