Heritage recording and building documentation helps various professionals in conservation projects, whether for buildings, engineering structures, developments or monuments. One of the goals of such documentation is to provide information on existing conditions of a heritage property at a given point in time.

The provided documents, such as technical drawings and three-dimensional models, are prepared according to the required information for planning the interventions, establishing the scope of work and evaluating the costs.

Detailed and precise technical documents are achieved through advanced technologies such as 3D laser scanning and close range photogrammetry.

In addition to surveys delivered as technical drawings and three-dimensional models, we also record heritage resources using photography, architectural sketch and hand recording.

For samples of our work, you may consult the Projects section of our Web site.


  • Documentation of existing conditions for a conservation project
  • Preparation of base documents for a renovation project
  • "As-found" record drawings
  • Recording and documentation of masonry
  • Documentation prior to salvage or demolition

Application examples

  • heritage01

    Exterior elevation

  • heritage02

    Interior elevation

  • heritage03

    Window details

  • heritage04

    Masonry documentation

  • heritage05

    Stained-glass windows

  • heritage06

    Floor pattern

  • heritage08

    Ceiling pattern

  • heritage07

    Photographic documentation with key plan