Léon Hubert


Co-founder of Astele, Léon Hubert has over 10 years of experience as a recorder. Over this period of time, he provided as-found drawings, rectified photographs and ortho­photographs. He worked on many recognized heritage buildings, iconic National Capital buildings and parliamentary precinct projects.

When Astele adopted the new laser scanning surveying method, Léon was responsible for implementing this new method and for instating new procedures adapted to the existing production workflow. This new method also involved the need to master the new software for registering scans and for processing point clouds.

After graduating from a 3-year architectural technology program, Léon started his career by obtaining a position as an architectural technologist with an architectural firm in Ottawa, where he worked for many years. Over the course of his position, he often had to prepare building drawings showing the existing conditions.

Jean-François Mathé

Co-founder of Astele, Jean-François Mathé has over 15 years of experience in the fields of architecture and construction as a professional architectural technologist. After obtaining his degree in architectural technology, he started his career working with an Ottawa based architectural firm, where he worked for a several years. He then held a position as senior technologist in another architectural office.

In addition to being responsible for the production of architectural drawings and specifications and for project coordination, Jean-François often was commissioned to create illustrations using three dimensional modeling, architectural rendering and graphics editing software.

Since the creation of Astele, Jean-François has worked on several heritage recording and existing conditions surveying projects. He particularly worked on many National Capital recognized buildings and parliamentary precinct projects.