The constant need to renovate and maintain buildings and structures requires the preparation of drawings that show the impacts on existing conditions.

Architects and engineers need to spend a lot of time preparing existing conditions drawings and documents as a starting point for upcoming work.

Our expertise allows us to prepare such drawings with great accuracy and at a level of detail ready to be used by architects and engineers. When original documents are available, we use them along with information and measurements gathered on site, to prepare drawings of a great reliability.

For samples of our work, you may consult the Projects section of our Web site.


  • Alteration and renovation of existing buildings
  • Building envelope restoration
  • Facades maintenance and inspection
  • Feasibility and/or viability studies
  • Condition assessments
  • Surface deformation control
  • Excavation volumes surveys and calculations
  • Stabilization works
  • Shop drawings

Application examples

  • survey01

    Floor plans

  • survey02

    Exterior elevations

  • survey03

    Ceiling plans

  • survey04

    MEP layout

  • survey05

    Roof plan

  • survey06

    Roof plan - Slope analysis

  • survey07

    Topographic data

  • survey08

    Surface control - Slab flatness

  • survey09

    Surface control - Wall deformation