Fort Mississauga - Photo

Built between 1814 and 1816, Fort Mississauga is located at the mouth of Niagara River and Lake Ontario. This fortification is the only remaining example of its type in Canada; it consists of a square tower within a star-shaped earthwork. In addition to the tower, other significant remains are still present on site such as the entry gate, the powder magazines and the sally port giving access to the lake.

Based on a recent condition assessment of the site, it was determined that the built assets were in need of stabilization work in order to address the failing elements and correct the issues. Our involvement was, as a heritage recorder, to provide the consulting team up-to-date records of the assets and structures on site. The recording was done using 3D laser scanning technology, and several drawings were prepared for each individual structure.

National Historic Site of Canada

  • Colored point cloud

  • FortMiss01

    Overall site plan

  • FortMiss02

    Partial topographic plan

  • FortMiss03

    Entry gates and walls - orthophotos overlay

  • FortMiss04

    Entry gates and walls

  • FortMiss05

    Powder magazines plans

  • FortMiss06

    South powder magazine - orthophotos overlay

  • FortMiss07

    South powder magazine

  • FortMiss08

    North powder magazine - orthophotos overlay

  • FortMiss09

    North powder magazine

  • FortMiss10

    Sally port - orthophotos overlay

  • FortMiss11

    Sally port