MacLaren House - Photo

Located on a hill beside the La Pêche River, this house was built between 1861 and 1871 by John MacLaren. Also the owner of the mill located across the river, the MacLaren family played an important part in the settlement and the development of the townships of Masham and Wakefield.

Our mandate for this building was to prepare the plans, elevations and a building section, in all, a set of architectural documents showing the existing conditions of the building for future reference.

Recognized Federal Heritage Building

  • MacLaren4

    Front (South-East) elevation

  • MacLaren5

    South-West elevation

  • MacLaren6

    North-West elevation

  • MacLaren7

    North-East elevation

  • MacLaren1

    Basement plan

  • MacLaren2

    Ground floor plan

  • MacLaren3

    Second floor plan

  • MacLaren8

    Building Section