St.Patricks - Photo

Built in 1866, this stone church replaced a wooden chapel that was becoming too small for the growing number of parishioners. Then, around 1904-05, the church’s main worship area was enlarged to its current shape and size.

Our mandate for the building was to prepare the floor plan, the reflected ceiling plan and all the interior elevations of the main worship area, in all, a set of architectural documents to be part of an interior condition report.

  • StPatricks1

    Ground floor plan

  • StPatricks2

    Balcony plan & narthex ceiling plan

  • StPatricks3

    Reflected ceiling plan

  • StPatricks4

    Reflected ceiling plan - colored point cloud overlay

  • StPatricks5

    Interior elevations - North

  • StPatricks6

    Interior elevations - South

  • StPatricks7

    Interior elevations - East

  • StPatricks8

    Interior elevations - West